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From the moment some members of my staff  asked me if i’m carrying stones inside my bag, ( Yes, they took one look at my bag and tried to guess that i’ve been carrying around stones without even touching and lifting the thing! How strange ! ) , i started an inventory on the contents of it, mentally. Well, yes, i admit that it’s a bit on the heavy side. But when i realized that i’m getting headache frequently than normal, i feel like blaming it on my bag! Come to think of it, from the regular medium-sized tote or hobo that i used to carry around, i realized that i’m slowly progressing towards a large one. I’m not even aware how such a thing happened ! I’ve been carrying around these things for years, how can they not fit into a medium-sized bag anymore?

And so, at home, i took all my stuff out and tried to edit the contents. The important ones went in — and the less important ones remained outside. Good job ! The old receipts that got stucked under my bag organizer and an old issue of a fashion magazine were the only things left. But, but… Preview’s Best Dressed Issue is a favorite … makes  life less stressful, you know, when one wants fashion inspiration and… i  love looking at all things beautiful ! So i slipped it in, rather sneakily, heeehee. I know,if my bag is a pitcher,it’s filled to the brim!

So what’s in my bag ?

1. Bag organizer that i got from Beabi, the large one. I started using one when my friend Fritz took a peek inside my bag and said  ” Parang hindi bag ng doctor ! ” Yeah, yeah, i know, tao lang, nai-stress ! What am i to do if i’m always in a hurry?

2. Coach wallet , mas maraming laman na cards – from my IDs,  discount card to credit card to less than a dozen na business cards, old receipts ( i never really threw them away after a month as proof of how penny-wise i’ve been, hehehe), a ring, a pair of earrings, and a little cash (kung ano ang natira!!!)

3. Coin purse from Cotton On – with lots of 25 cents, 5 and 10 cents loose change that i usually get. Heck, why do SM still keeps them and give it to their customers as change when  even my piggy bank won’t accept them. And so, everytime na i’ll pay my fare with 25 cents sa tricycle driver, i usually go out hastily in fear of hearing him say ” Hindi na po tinatanggap ang bente singko !”

4. Ipod Classic. Loving my new Head Kandi earphones !!! Plus the Aquino sisters’ Holy Rosary is in my playlist.

5. Holy Rosary . There are 2 of them. One i got from my motherand one i got from my sister. Uh-huh, i always pray the Holy Rosary while i travel or commute. To block off all evil forces, of course.And it brings me closer to God eh.

6. My cellular phones. A Sun and Globe.

7. Pens

8. My Typo Diary – all my appointments, doodles and random thoughts are in there. Still have my 2011 planner with me. But will replace it with my Starbucks 2012 planner or my Belle de Jour 2012. Am still making up my mind between those two, that’s why.

9. Typo crocodile-skinned little notebook

10. My Kikay Kit – with make-up essentials.

11. Novel of the week – I’m forever having a book with me. This week, i’m finishing Jane Eyre. Next on my list is the sequel to the Game of Thrones –  Clash of Kings

12. A small, clear envelope  for my old receipts (again!), Memo about some meetings/seminars, invitations for upcoming activities… and my old picture of Blessed John Paul II taken in Mendiola,Manila ( it calms me and again to ward off evils and misfortunes )

13. My physician’s essentials : stethoscope, penlight, Trodat, calculator and tape measure.

14. Umbrella – foldable naman ! I can take the showers but i’m terrified of the sun’s UV rays. Think : Skin cancer and…. WRINKLES !!! Slathering myself with sunblock is never enough.

15. A bottle of nail polish from OPI – for  repair of nail chips

16. Hand lotion from Etude House and Kiehl’s Hand Lotion Grapefruit – i swear by these.

17. Alcohol, sometimes when i forget to leave it in the clinic.

18. A bottle of pain killers

19. Headband ( it’s almost weightless naman )

20. Fashion magazine

21. Pepper spray

22. Fan

23. Our Lady of perpetual Help Novena Prayer booklet

24. Hair comb

25. Stones… just kidding !

26. Sometimes, some items go in here, too, when i want to reward myself. But the 24 items on the list are pretty much what i usually lug around with me everyday to and from work.

Soooo…it’s not like i wanted to kill myself.

But  full of regret that i have to part with it for a few hours, i pulled out the fashion magazine and gave in.

No, i don’t want another bag to bring around. I tend to forget and leave things behind so hauling around another bag is out of the question, unless it’s unavoidable.

But i think leaving behind the fashion magazine  is a start… i hope!