iPhone bug, specifically.

For months now since i decided to get myself this much celebrated iphone 4s, my life has changed. I’m not a techie, no, i was contented with my 2-year-old QWERTY phone and 3-year-old SE cellphone. Always in a hurry, basta maka-text at call lang, okay na.

Then my sister, who’s not a techie herself and owns an old phone, too, got hers and was asking my cousin to use facetime. Facetime what? And Instagram… What?

INSTAGRAM was the culprit… I think. The instagram pics are all over and i can’t help but stop and stare . I don’t have a DSLR camera and is too tamad to carry my point and shoot camera around (not to mention, it’ll add up to my already overflowing bag)…
For everyday moments and stuffs you should take a moment to capture and ponder… Instagram is one of the best.

But this phone is truly a wonder. Haha. Call me shallow but i’m in love with this. Moreover, it’s user-friendly, will definitely give anybody something to do when bored with all the Apps, very handy, etc…

So, i was bitten and the ”B” said that it changed my life. How can we bond if i got my eyes and fingers on it everytime ? Oh, it’s soooo addicting i have to do something about it right away.

I have wondered about the iPhone hype for a long time and now I know…