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” A girl loves to shop!”
Who doesn’t ? I’ve been hearing, seeing and dreaming about this brand for years now…
That’s why when i went to Singapore 2 months ago, visiting H & M was one of the firsts in my list of destinations.
And because my friend ,Jen, and me knew we would drive ourselves to exhaustion that day, we dressed-up lightly…


One could almost hear the wild beating of my heart, as always when i’m out shopping , when i caught sight of the shop!


I practically leaped and ran !!! Well, di lang ako nagpahalata but it seems that my feet grew wings on its own, haha.


I felt dizzy from a lot of clothes and accessories. I wandered from rack to rack and can’t begin to decide what to buy. I was in awe while i was there. Jen and me spent hours giddy like little kids surrounded by new toys.
I was looking and hoping for Marni for H&M collection, but sadly, it was very limited and those that are available will never do with our kind of weather in the Philippines so i restrained myself. Still, i ended up buying some, just the same. Those that i can wear to work and on lazy days. So i ended up with these…







I bought something for my mom, sister and these cute dresses for my nieces.
I went home happy and swore to come back for more.Yes, i was happy but still i decided i want a few more pa.

As it happened, 2 days after i was back home, my good friend, Gem, will be off to Singapore to visit her sister. I asked her to buy a few more pieces for me. She agreed, of course. What are friends for, anyway?

When she came back 3 weeks later, she and her sister got me these…




And i was satisfied at last.
Thanks , Gem and Anne for these!!!

I fell in love with H&M, yes. Although it’s a mass production of some items one should just really hunt down a lot of quality pieces from the hundreds of racks on the store at affordable prices. There’s a complete range for all ages , genders and occassions and for whatever weather one might have back home. Everything is in there! It’s a one-stop shop. Surely, i will come back. And i’m praying that the store will open up here. Such a real treat for women like me.