There are hundreds, even millions , of reasons to be grateful. And thank God for all His blessings. I can’t even begin to elaborate… Nor do i know how. I wake up today and was enlightened, once again, for what God has given me and my loved ones. Everyday, He expresses, and reveals, why I am one of His greatest miracles. Through happiness and trials, the Almighty is with me.
I admit, nowadays, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday … From and to bed, i forgot to thank Him… Or maybe i just don’t bother. The realizations will set in and always, i’ll come back to Him.
I pray hard for many things and understand that if things are meant to be, God will provide. Through success and happiness in everything, i thank Him. Through fear, hardships and pain, i ask His guidance for courage and strength. Through all the times i forget, i ask His forgiveness.
I have all these things, some in excess, i understand, not because of sheer luck but just because when He gives, one has to realize that a lesson is underneath. Material things are not the source of true happiness…

It is always to God that I always come back to, again and again, after all, in my search for peace and true happiness.