…is my sort of  “mantra” everytime i feel down, sick or angry at some things. I repeat it over and over in my head several times, with lots of inhaling and exhaling.

There are  times in my life when i’m sure i woke up in the wrong side of the bed. When at the start of the day, it seems that everything i do is jinxed. Like not being able to get your hair and make-up done properly, heading out to work and meeting gloomy people along the way, etc,etc.

Today is no different.

I decided to stay home because i’m not feeling well , tried to work on my reports and do some light reading at the same time . The “B” called and asked me to call Pioneer Insurance to follow up his application for the renewal of his car. And because it wouldn’t make me any sicker, i did as i was told. A week prior, “B” told me that the insurance company promised to deliver the policy statement and pick up the payment . I don’t know, “B” is getting impatient because he wanted it to get settled, called many times already and got empty promises.

So i called and was transferred 4x to the “so-called” appropriate department. The woman who answered me doesn’t sound friendly from the start. Very sarcastic, in fact. I am not one to pick up fights so i answered her questions and gave my own questions and concerns in return. Few times, during our short conversation, i was tempted to say ” Miss, bakit ganyan ka sumagot? Napaka-sarcastic mo naman yata?” Haha. But i didn’t. i kept my politeness and composure. Kahit na talagang nag-iinit na ang ulo ko sa kasupladahan nya.

Me: Ma’am, i was just concerned kasi last week pa po ito. At may nakausap na po sya.

The woman : Kaya nga! Kaya nga para maiayos ito ibigay mo sa akin ang number mo…( and she drolled on hinting that the process will start from zero again !)

I gave her my name and number.

The woman: Saan ba pipick-up-in?

Me: Sa bahay po.

The woman: Manila nga?

Me: Yes. Opo.

The woman: Number mo ito?

Me: Yes

Now there is some kind of a trick i know when you want to scare somebody a bit. Getting her/his name. Sometimes, in situations like this one, people get scared because they think that they will be reported to their boss for lack of good conduct.

Me: And who is this, please?

A few seconds of hesitation… hahaha…Gotcha!

The woman: Edna

Me: Edna what po?

Edna : Sanchez

Me: Okay. Is this BPO?

Edna: Hindi ito BDO ( Banco De Oro,the bank ) , wala kami account sa

I cut her off… Now ‘nabibingi na sya’

Me: No, i mean… BPO… you know call centers?

Edna: Ah hindi.

Me: Okay. Thank you!

And banged the receiver.

To some people, it was no big deal. But for someone who is always trying to be polite when dealing with people, i felt mad that i tried to blink off the tears. Yeah, i am iyakin. I called “B” and told him what happened and tried to pacify me.

I wanted to call back and call the HR Department to complain about her and to  teach their employees good conduct . But i restrained myself, telling myself what good will it do.

Then whispered to myself to count my blessings and think happy thoughts.

( I have a confession to make…i googled her name and typed the insurance company where she’s working and found her on facebook. I hope it was hers. I just looked at her, honestly, i didn’t do anything bad. I just looked at her and keep saying count your blessings. Then, i said ” Oh kaya naman pala… ang… (censored)!”  Closed it and thank God for my blessings once more.)

Now i am finally calm. i’m not mad anymore and told myself that with her attitude, let God be the judge.

No matter how long this takes, it never fails. Counting your blessing and thinking happy thoughts will always save the day and one’s sanity.

Peace on earth ! Have a good day and God Bless Us all !