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What better way to spend Sunday aside from thanking God for you life and His blessings? Going to a book fair, of course.
The 33rd Manila International Book Fair is still ongoing in SMX Convention Center while i type this. It’s been going on since Friday. Being it far from where i live , i thought i won’t be able to go. But miracles do happen, haha! I told “B” how i wish i could go to the fair. He granted it by letting me borrow Blue with his driver. Woot! Woot!
It’s a bad- weather day but it didn’t dampen my spirits as i jumped to Blue and headed through the “taxi-infested” road to SMX. (Uh-huh, Kuya Pete, my driver for the day , pointed out to me how he noticed that the number of taxi in the streets today beats private vehicles by 5:1. )
The area around the venue is traffic, what with the SALE also ongoing in Mall of Asia just next door. Oh well, off to book shopping and maybe, just maybe, i’ll take a peek at the shops later?
There’s a long line to the book fair. I don’t mind, actually. I don’t really mind not being the only one who loves to read. I love it and it makes me happy whenever i see people reading books.


Along the line, i saw people in anime costumes. As it happens, there’s another event on Cosplay happening on the 3rd Floor. But most are headed to the book fair.


Admission fee is Php20.00 for adults and Php15.00 for children. As soon as i entered, i am overwhelmed by a sense of excitement as i saw these people browsing from stall after stall of books. Forget about computers and the cyberspace for a while and enter the world of prints.

National Bookstore never fails.

LUCY of Fully-booked, of course.

I saw Goodwill Bookstore and Rex Bookstore… And my reaction was “They’re alive!!!”.

I also saw St. Paul’s and some other religious publishing house. Schools like University of the Philippines, University of Sto. Thomas and Ateneo de Manila University each has their booth. And a lot more!

I came to this area where children are up on a stage and trying their hand on story-telling.


I had fun , despite the crowd, and spent one and a half hours browsing . I was hoping to find old or second-hand books but walked out with just a couple of novels. I am already tired , dizzy, and ,with so many people, i honestly can’t concentrate on choosing what to buy. While browsing through pages, due to limited space, people keeps bumping into you. And so after a while, i exited, happy with my purchase.


I went next door to Mall of Asia to take a peek and have my afternoon dose of caffeine and doughnuts. It’s jam-packed !!! I only went to 2 shops. Uniqlo and Muji and had my fill of Japanese retail therapy.

While waiting for my ride, i can’t help feeling glad and thankful that, with the new technology trying to hold even little kids captive, we can always come back to what we have once been.