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I woke up to a beautiful morning today and decided to spend some “me” time before doing some serious work. It’s gonna be a beautiful day !

Armed with my planner and a novel ( The Perks of Being a Wallflower ) , i headed to McDonald’s . I love McDonald’s in the mornings, it’s more peaceful and not too crowded than any other time of the day.


I saw this on their paper mat and thought… How appropriate … And encouraging. How positive!


What i did at this wonderful start of a new day? Thank God, of course, checked my planner, read a little, had my coffee and filling breakfast, people-watched a little ( i saw this old man reading a novel by John Grisham… How cool is that? )… I checked my watch and found out that i’ll be late , hahaha, so much for enjoying oneself and time to work on my papers… Yes i decided to work from home. Seriously and honest-to-goodness work from home to get some reports done.

And so, i bid everybody, like McDonald’s, HOORAY FOR TODAY !