Tomorrow is…or would’ve been the 91st birthday of Candida D. Alcantara aka Lola Canding to those of us who love her very much. My family is like most Filipino families. I lived and grew up with my grandparents. And to me, nothing can beat that.

My Lola is the simplest woman i know. Hindi ko yata namana yun. She lived simply, yes, never complaining through hard times… Always ready with a smile. She welcomed everybody into our home…even strangers ( which caused fear in our part, haha). But yes, she welcomed everyone and offered them food and money ( whatever was left in her hanky-turned-wallet).

I wish i could find the right words to describe how kind-hearted she was. I know it’s in times such as these that i get teary-eyed thinking how i should’ve told her how special she is to me…to us. But i know she would never let us live a life full of regrets… Only lessons learned and happy memories.

I miss my Lola…sooo much !

I like to call her my “Candle in the Dark” . Whenever i’m sad and in times when i have to remind myself to live simply, her memories light up my way.