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I grew up watching my mother slathering facial cream and body lotion. And i’m very thankful to her for that. Now, although illness took its toll on her body, one can never guess that she’s in her 70’s. I can’t help comparing her to other women who are younger but look older than her.

And if there’s one thing i would really invest in, call it vanity i don’t care, it’s taking care of my skin.

I am practicing a new skin care routine for 2 days now. I read all about it from the blog Manila Fashion Observer It’s the ” No Water ” Skin Care routine. She read all about it from a french blogger Garance Dore whose dermato advised her not to use tap water for cleansing the face. ” No water” means not using “tap” water for washing the face. I was skeptical at first. My skin can be a bit oily and it made me cringed just thinking about not rinsing it thoroughly . But seeing MFO’s glowing skin made me think twice and convinced me to give it a try.

So, 2 days ago i went in search for the products i’ll be needing for my new routine, haha! I rummaged through my stuff for the cleanser ( my on and off liquid soap ) and went to buy the Evian facial spray. And yesterday, since my Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate is about to be consumed, i bought Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control ( another product that MFO recommends .Read all about her review on it at www.manilafashionobserver.com. Simply amazing and very inspiring.)

I was nervous when i first tried the routine. I was afraid of waking up the next day with a zit !!! But after cleansing my face and putting on the serum , my face felt light… I mean fresh without the heavy feeling . Am i only imagining it because i was excited? I guess not. Still, i went to bed afraid for the dreaded zit.

How i did it? I followed the simple steps as Christine D. of MFO does.
1. I massaged my face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser and wiped it off with a sponge. ( Facial tissue is also a good option ).
2. I sprayed my face with Evian facial spray, left it on for a moment then dabbed the excess.
3. Applied toner ( just in case a bit of make-up was left )
4. Put on serum.

(I opted not to use a night cream these days and decided to put on anti-aging serum every night. I use moisturizer/ sunscreen and now will add my new Clarins serum at daytime. )

I woke up …with no new pimple! Woohooo!

I haven’t noticed any change yet, except for the light feeling after cleaning my face. But i’m sure i’ll be hooked on this. Keeping my skin healthy…saving it from unwanted substances … is one of my priorities,anyway.

P.S. Thanks MFO for that blog post!

P.P.S. Here’s a pic of Clarins Double Serum that i got. And it came with a gift pack. I told myself, for a price like that… I deserve a freebie !!! Available in Rustan’s.