After work, i decided to drop by one of my favorite McCafe for a dose of caffeine and read for a while. The place is packed, as always at this time of the day. Yes, i waited for my favorite couch to be vacated and rushed to it, spilling my coffee in the process, as i overtook a young couple who spotted it at the same time. Hahaha! Bad!

Okay, 5 minutes to enjoying my coffee and warming up on my reading, a woman approached my table and asked me if it’s okay for me to share the table with them. I smiled and said okay. Her hubby, i think, came over with their food and they ate murmuring at each other. I sipped my coffee and read thinking that glancing at them would be unethical , so i paid them no mind. When they left without so much a a thank you for sharing , my eyes started to wander over their leftover food and voila !



Ugh! It’s so “makalat” !!!

I remember when i was visiting my sister in Sydney, people are used to clearing their own table before they leave any fast food chain. I’m trying to do the same here as often as i can. Here, people can just leave when they’re done leaving it to the staff to clear the table. Some say it’s their job but i think, we can put a smile to someone’s heart by helping even in small things like that. We have no idea how little these people’s income is… I’m just saying…