…so i have to venture into the world of adulthood, finally.

There they were, my sisters…spending long hours finishing those novels. Until early hours of the morning.

Am i really over Sweet Dreams? So i tried… and never really liked the first ones. Pardon, but i never finished a Harlequin nor a Mills and Boons novel. I don’t know why. Next, i tried the historical romances they’ve been raving about. And i got hooked !

The authors i like, or rather, love most are Jude Devereaux, Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood and Judith McNaught. No competition. I hate to compare them. The novels are funny, kaka-kilig, kaka-in love, and can always drive me to tears. One of my favorites is Judith McNaught’s Paradise . For months, i daydreamed about Meredith Bancroft and Matt Farrell. I must confess, until now, one of my favorite names are Matt and Meredith.

Then i got intrigued by the likes of Sydney Sheldon and John Grisham. Adult novels are sometimes full of intrigues, if you know what i mean. I read Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks, the hilarious Sophie Kinsella, Mitch Albom, Og Mandino, Philippine Literature, the list goes on.

I thought i’d stick forever to adult novels… but J.K. Rowling came along and introduced the series that i believe brought reading back into the lives of humanity. For a while, the world seems to revolve around technology, computer games and the likes. But Harry Potter came and change the world in just one flip of a page. It brought back people’s love on reading and bring more people to start reading. It is indeed, phenomenal.

My love for historical and adult romances never did go away. But after Harry Potter, my choices became varied. I started reading children’s books and novels for young adults. Even going as young as those of Geronimo Stilton (because my nephew has them ) whenever i ran out of something to read. I have the complete series of The Mysterious Benedict Society, Twilight series, Hunger Games ,etc, etc. I have beauty and fashion books and those on Oprah’s Book Club. From Roal Dahl to Amy Tan to Nina Garcia… The list goes on.

When i was young ,i thought that once i get older i’ll stick to adult books. But now i look at all what i’ve read and those that are waiting on my shelf to be read and it spells “whatever”. From children’s novels to adult ones. I love to read and that’s that.

The bookstore is my go-to whenever i need some cheering up, whenever i wanted to be alone….whenever i feel like it. I go whenever i can…at least once a week. It cheers me and it calms me. I go in there and browse from shelf to shelf, from chidren’s to young adults to adult to lifestyle section. Those times are surreal even if i walked out empty-handed, which is almost impossible. The real treat, of course are those i got on sale!

Whenever i travel , i always make visiting book shops as one of my top priorities. If i can’t find any, i look for one at the airport. To me, travelling is not complete without seeing one.

Imagine my glee when i discovered, well actually my sister’s family brought me to different community libraries in Sydney, when i was there. But that’t another story that i would like to write about.

I realized it’s not about age. If someone loves to read, she/he goes through different phases ( trends, peer or, in my case, sibling pressure…) and then suddenly interests vary, mood changes until you just want to read and read….anything.