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Damn Instagram !

I have found something new again…

I need this in my life. Makes everything easier…and i always feel like i’m in heaven. You get high, yes?

I have gone seeking… And i welcome this online shop in my life with arms wide open and with a happy, very happy, heart.

It’s Seek the Uniq.

It’s home to everything beautiful and unique finds. From fashion and beauty to things for your home. For adults and kids alike.

Let me tell you . You’ ve got to be fast ! A lot of their stuff sell within minutes of them posting it. There was a time when i had my phone and tablet with me all the time just to watch out for their new releases, their site on refresh on my gadget ! It’s like a game, really. Whew !

Hey, i was just there awhile ago, those neckpieces weren’t there…and now look ! See what i mean?

( Photo courtesy of Seek the Uniq )

Those “seekers” are on it… Quite fast !



Such pretty packaging. I didn’t have the heart to throw away the stickers and tags.

These soaps promise an invigorating sensation…


Babbles by Piesa by Phoebe


Now this neckpiece is definitely a treasure !!!

1969 by Joyce Makitalo



Lovely, aren’t they? The purveyors of the unique are doing a good job hypnotizing me with these stuff . Truly handpicked with so much attention and love.

I know, i know. It’s true what they say…