Thank God it’s Friday !


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Most people would feel the same. Although i have work on Saturdays, there’s nothing like knowing it’s the end of the week. TGIF !

I tagged along with my sister’s family last night . We ate dinner at this cute place in my hometown in Rizal, Coffee Stop at Lamarr. It’s a coffee shop with some meals, pasta and sandwiches offered. The food is good but there’s nothing like being with family. We had a great time, especially the kids!










Some kind of High


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A lot of women are waiting for this. Me, especially. My friend, Jen, and I were talking about it the other day. I was saying ” Please let it be on !!! I can’t wait much longer, hahaha! ” .


Mango was ahead of 2 weeks but dahil Zara is my favorite kasi, one can’t imagine how happy…giddy… I am. Sent a message to my shopping buddy, Jen, immediately. Both of us are really waiting for this.

Other high street brands on sale starting tomorrow are Topshop, Topman, Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins. Debenhams started last week. And i know, Marks and Spencer will follow suit.

Sizes run out so fast kaya sometimes i can’t wait for their further reductions a week before the sale ends.

Jen replied to me saying this … ” Shocks, Auie, kailangang maaga tayo sa Shang tomorrow !!! ” Hahaha.

To which i replied without hesitation,
” Okay. Let’s go!!! “

It’s a Sickness, really ?


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I found this in Pinterest and naloka ako ! Hahahaha!


For me, it can be both ways. I buy shoes, and clothes, like i buy books. I buy books like i buy shoes… And clothes.

Is it really a sickness ? These things make a lot of women happy so how can it really be a sickness, hahaha?

Okay, sometimes, i really try to get hold of myself… Control myself from getting or buying something. It works to think and do some research before purchasing an item first, especially if it’s bound to do a little damage to your hard-earned money. I do it sometimes. Look at it, take a step back and get out of the store before the saleslady sweet-talked me into impulsively buying it, go home and browse through the net. There are times when i’m thankful i stopped myself… But if i lost a good night sleep thinking about it… para ako magkakasakit sa kakaisip…then gow na ako the very next day. Or else, i’ll definitely get sick.

Maybe,then, it’s not a sickness, after all. Maybe it’s just a precursor.

H & M in Singapore


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” A girl loves to shop!”
Who doesn’t ? I’ve been hearing, seeing and dreaming about this brand for years now…
That’s why when i went to Singapore 2 months ago, visiting H & M was one of the firsts in my list of destinations.
And because my friend ,Jen, and me knew we would drive ourselves to exhaustion that day, we dressed-up lightly…


One could almost hear the wild beating of my heart, as always when i’m out shopping , when i caught sight of the shop!


I practically leaped and ran !!! Well, di lang ako nagpahalata but it seems that my feet grew wings on its own, haha.


I felt dizzy from a lot of clothes and accessories. I wandered from rack to rack and can’t begin to decide what to buy. I was in awe while i was there. Jen and me spent hours giddy like little kids surrounded by new toys.
I was looking and hoping for Marni for H&M collection, but sadly, it was very limited and those that are available will never do with our kind of weather in the Philippines so i restrained myself. Still, i ended up buying some, just the same. Those that i can wear to work and on lazy days. So i ended up with these…







I bought something for my mom, sister and these cute dresses for my nieces.
I went home happy and swore to come back for more.Yes, i was happy but still i decided i want a few more pa.

As it happened, 2 days after i was back home, my good friend, Gem, will be off to Singapore to visit her sister. I asked her to buy a few more pieces for me. She agreed, of course. What are friends for, anyway?

When she came back 3 weeks later, she and her sister got me these…




And i was satisfied at last.
Thanks , Gem and Anne for these!!!

I fell in love with H&M, yes. Although it’s a mass production of some items one should just really hunt down a lot of quality pieces from the hundreds of racks on the store at affordable prices. There’s a complete range for all ages , genders and occassions and for whatever weather one might have back home. Everything is in there! It’s a one-stop shop. Surely, i will come back. And i’m praying that the store will open up here. Such a real treat for women like me.

Hello there , TOKYO !


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Finally…finally… I’ve got you!
I’ve been dreaming of you since i saw you in Tita K’s feet a year ago! ( see ).
I searched the shops where they sell Anthology shoes , visited their online store but i was way too late. They’re sold out already. So i ended up buying a different pair… Or pairsssss. Way too comfy…that’s what Anthos are.

Oh Tokyo! Look at you !!! Just look at you !


Tita K, pahiram ng pics! ( photo credit : Thanks! )


Isn’t she Gorgeous ???

Ganda… Superrr!


3 weeks ago, while i was strolling around the mall, i saw it!!!
SA: Wala ng size mo , Ma’am.

I was devastated ! Muntik na ako maiyak. OA naman . “Basta ! Andyan ka pero wala naman size”. So i walked away. Not looking back, huhuhu.

A week ago, i found out sale sa The Ramp Glorietta ang Anthos. For the whole month of May. Mega text sa Anthology hotline… Responded immediately with “will check the store and will get back to you”.

I held my breath hanggang morning until they texted me… ” we have the beige in your size, ma’am”

Sneaked from ‘ the B ‘ and told him i’ll attend on something and headed to the mall immediately.
When i got there, kunwari cool lang ako pero my heart was beating wildly.
Me: Miss, may size 38 kayo nito?
SA: Ay Ma’am wala na po.
Ehem, cool ka lang.
Me: Look, someone texted me, Jez, and told me this store have it in my size! ( i showed her my inbox)
SA: Ay kayo po yun, Ma’am! Wait po kukunin ko.

At nakahinga ako ng maluwag .

Now here you are Tokyo! And i love you soooo much !


Anthology shoes are very stylish, comfortable, durable and world-class. A lot of people thought na imported ang brand na ‘to. But it’s ” Proudly Filipino-made”. I own a lot of pairs and am always eyeing for another pair again and again …( eventually buying it and smuggling it into our house…)

Them: Uy, bago?

Me: Hindi, matagal na ‘to! Now nyo lang nakita?

R and R or is it not ?


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I love hotels. I love staying at hotels because it feels like you’re always in a foreign country. You can leave me alone there the whole day and i would just bounce around the room… and bed, snooping around the fridge and closets, checking out the toiletries…

This summer, i had the chance to have some much needed R and R with friends, as we attended the Philippine Pediatric Society Annual Convention in PICC last April. Yes, R and R din ito because we get to see friends and stay at a… hotel.

We stayed at Hotel H2O. The place is simply gorgeous… once you get inside. We got a little confused at first because the hotel’s entrance is the same as that of Manila Ocean Park . And at daytime, there’s always a craze because of the tourists getting inside the oceanarium. But once you get inside, the place is very relaxing, peaceful, colder ( it’s the beginning of summer ! Outside is too hot !) and fluffy … yes, i could roll in the bed and wrap the soft blankets around me forever…it smells good,too !

We got the Park Room which is a decent- sized room and can accomodate up to 4 persons, it think. Because we’re practically inside Manila Ocean Park, our view was…

That is where they do the Musical Fountain Show and the Sea Lion Show. So i got to watch a little bit of it for free.

Another thing that i always look forward to during a stay in the hotel? Buffet Breakfast. Masarap ang food dito. Pero ang binalik-balikan ko talaga is the Guyabano Juice. Never tasted anything like it . So from then on, i’m officially a Guyabano Juice Lover, hahaha!

I would come back to this hotel again. I’d bring in my nieces and nephews because they would truly enjoy the Oceanarium and the shows.

On to the next one. A friend gave us his extra hotel accomodation because he has to attend the Philippine College of Physician Convention . Bongga, di ba? For free ito and me and my friend is very grateful.

I have seen Midas Hotel at Camille Co’s blog, Camille Tries to Blog. I was enchanted and curious as well. Paano ba naman… Look! ( Cams, pa-grab ng picture!)

Hermes and Chanel decorated the lobby !

But when were there, the Chanel Handbag is gone but 2 Hermes Birkin adorn the wall.

Midas Hotel is a 5-star boutique hotel along Roxas Boulevard. According to Camille, it used to be The Sheraton then Savoy Philippines then Hyatt Regency before finally becoming Midas Hotel. It is run by the same company behind Misibis Bay and Bella Roca. So what would one expect, right?

Floor to ceiling shelves with what looks like Hermes iconic orange boxes. And the comfiest chair ever …

I could sleep in that chair. It follows the contour of your back kaya sobrang comfortable.

Let’s go up to our room. My friend told us that our room is big at pwedeng maghabulan sa loob. Hmmmmnnn… really ?


It is HUGE ! Now i must confess that as much as i love staying at a hotel, i get an eerie feeling with big rooms. Sobra ako matatakutin. I can hardly get to a peaceful slumber with a big space in front of my bed. And this one is no exception.

Pero wait, snoop muna ako.

No butts, okay . Who would want to sleep in a smelly room?

Pillow Menu, at your service .

Check ! Off to my left…

WOWWWW!!! ( as in ignorante, hahaha)

So, no need to bring a “tabo”…( Ehemmm, hindi naman ako ganoong ka-ready, i don’t bring a dipper naman…)

Tingnan ko nga bath tub…

OMIGOSH !!! You’ve got to be kidding me ?!?!

BVLGARI for toiletries, anyone? ( So we decided, like almost everyone we know, we’ll make tago na these before we head out every morning, call Housekeeping and say ” Make up room,please ! And pagdating namin sa hapon/gabi… TADA ! Fully-replenished toiletries !!! Is that a crime? Even movie stars do it !)

Let’s go sa veranda. It has an L-shaped veranda na sobrang haba.

Sadly, the famous Manila Bay Sunset was blocked from our view so we have to make do with a higher sun, haha. Nice pa rin.

One can see Old Manila from up here. Is there such a thing as Manila ( or is it Makati?) Skyline ?

I’ll take apicture of myself muna before i end this…

Wala lang…

We all need this kind of things in life sometimes. Although, one can never be expected to always stay in a hotel because prices for these can really tear our pockets apart. It’s a luxury one can live with… and without. So for us, hotel lovers… let’s save up for next time..or sana may mag-sponsor ulit !

Bitten by the Bug



iPhone bug, specifically.

For months now since i decided to get myself this much celebrated iphone 4s, my life has changed. I’m not a techie, no, i was contented with my 2-year-old QWERTY phone and 3-year-old SE cellphone. Always in a hurry, basta maka-text at call lang, okay na.

Then my sister, who’s not a techie herself and owns an old phone, too, got hers and was asking my cousin to use facetime. Facetime what? And Instagram… What?

INSTAGRAM was the culprit… I think. The instagram pics are all over and i can’t help but stop and stare . I don’t have a DSLR camera and is too tamad to carry my point and shoot camera around (not to mention, it’ll add up to my already overflowing bag)…
For everyday moments and stuffs you should take a moment to capture and ponder… Instagram is one of the best.

But this phone is truly a wonder. Haha. Call me shallow but i’m in love with this. Moreover, it’s user-friendly, will definitely give anybody something to do when bored with all the Apps, very handy, etc…

So, i was bitten and the ”B” said that it changed my life. How can we bond if i got my eyes and fingers on it everytime ? Oh, it’s soooo addicting i have to do something about it right away.

I have wondered about the iPhone hype for a long time and now I know…

Once Upon a Time


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… I dreamt of having Tory Burch Reva flats…

It came true, it felt like heaven on my feet…20120419-232639.jpg.

…until I realized I cannot walk for hours in it. I can’t shop in it… after a few hours, I can’t run in it, I can’t even walk in it without limping. My pair is not good for long hours of walking.

But I guess, the size I bought was just a bit exact for my feet. They said it’s true to size… or with my being overweight again, humabol ba ang feet ko? Lumaki din ba ang paa ko? … I combed the shop again and decided to get another pair, of different kind of leather, of one size bigger but not now.

Now, I’m still searching for that perfect pair of flats, from sandals to oxfords to ballet flats… or am i just really a shoe addict i can’t help buying.

Now, I’m dreaming about Repetto ballet flats !

( Photo from )

Checked their website… Gosh, it’s in French ! Why did I never try to learn French ?

Sigh… I’ll wait for the day na lang…



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Don’t we all love reunions and meeting up with those people close to our hearts ? Or meeting long-lost relatives and friends… seeing those people and finding out that you’re related pala ?

I do ! At least when i was really young… and i must confess na pili lang or should i say na i choose the occasions na pinupuntahan ko ngayon.

Don’t get me wrong. I love meeting my relatives. But as i get older and still not married yet… or should i say, choose not to get settled yet, i usually get stares and queries like, ” Kelan ka mag-aasawa?”, “Kelan ang kasal?”… to things i don’t really get nor understand, ” Kelan kami makakatikim ng sabaw?” DUH? What was that? Big deal!!! What?!!?!!! …to (Mind your own business!)

Huh! But sweet, little me ! I don’t tell it all to their faces, of course, but just smile at them and say sweet things like ” Hehehe!” Sabay talikod and magpi-feeling busy, or run to the toilet and fumes in “kainisan“. When will it end? Why is it a big deal for all of them if i don’t want to get “tali” or tied-up yet? I looove my independence! ( as of now, i know!) Arrgghh.

Yeah, my relatives lang. My friends are a little more understanding. They understand, yes, kasi naman, half of them have marital problems kaya…” Go sister! You’re damn lucky, wala ka sakit sa ulo”.

But still, i love reunions. Almost everybody does. The endless laughter… catching-up…getting to know each other more, making-up with people you’ve fallen-out with, hoping and anticipating you’ll get together again.

Knowing your roots…

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” -Jane Howard



“Know from whence you came because if you know from whence you came, there is no limit to where you can go.” -James Baldwin

They’ll always come back… even for a visit,

O kaya, ako na lang ang pumunta?


And not to forget… reunion with friends…

To reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share some memories, and play our songs again. – Ricky Nelson



No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth. – Robert Southey

Whatever the occasion is…





Being with someone or everyone who’s a part of you will always bring happiness… and never, regrets… into your life, no matter how dull or irritating the experience may be. It brings a smile to one’s lips. At the end of it all, you’ll say to yourself…” Buti na lang umattend ako.”

I always do…

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” -Richard Bach


Life gives us brief moments with another…but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time…